Express plant hire – Use of Feng Shui plants

Express plant hire can make use of Feng shui plants to activate positive energy in home and office while they also purify the air. Many still feel that Lucky Bamboo is the only feng shui indoor houseplant, however the truth is that there are many choices available which can fit your decor.

In case the lighting is limited to grow healthy plants one can use silk plants as an acceptable Feng Shui alternative to living plants. There are four different ways to use plants in Feng Shui as part of express plant hire. These include counteracting negative energy, Balancing the water element, connecting with the outside world and raising a low ceiling.

Other friendly Feng Shui plants which can be used as part of Express plant hire includes Philodendron, Peace Lily, Ficus, Rubber plant, English Ivy, Spider plant, Boston Fern, and African violet.