Express Plant Rental for Special Occasions and Events

With the option to choose Express Plant Rental, you can help the atmosphere of your event come to life. Lease-A-Leaf provides an extensive range of short term event hire services for special occasions. Apart from looking attractive, scientific research shows that plants can improve air quality, reduce stress and create a more pleasant and productive environment. Lease-A-Leaf specialises in the hire of topiary trees to enhance your wedding day, function or event.

Topiaries can create a stylish atmosphere at a formal wedding or function. Optionally, for daytime these trees can be decorated with ribbon or for evening weddings they can be lit with fairy lights to complete an air of style and romance! We are committed to provide Express Plant Rental services for any event, be it a conference, product launch, party or wedding. With more than 30 years experience, Lease-A-Leaf has always helped their clients mark their short term event with style, impact, and individuality. Everything from wedding, corporate events, special promotions, themed events, parties and concerts require short term indoor plant hire solutions.

Adept at styling and matching indoor plants to specific themes, Lease-A-Leaf creates magic with its beautiful plants. Indoor plants add a new dimension to every event, lending a visual appeal which can be tranquil or stimulating. Lease-A-Leaf are leaders in the field of creating excellent displays for short term events and we are ready to add life to your displays. Topiaries are always very popular at weddings. You may also wish to consider our wide range of other plants, trees, and shrubs to add the finishing touches to your special day.

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