Golden Cane Palm – Fabulous Palms with an Exotic charm

Palms have the ability to leave you in wonder with their varied textures, sizes, colours, heights etc. To experience the joy of palms, one doesn’t really need to live in the tropics. The Golden Cane Palm which is also known as Dypsis lutescens is perfect for bringing a tropical ambience into your garden or home.
The bright green stems and the dense foliage is perfect for providing a lush stylish look which is also great for screening. In case you are planning to have Golden cane palm indoors, it is recommended to have them in a large pot and placed in a well-lit location. However, if you are planning to have Golden cane Palm outdoors, you can position them in full or, partial shade and plant them in a well-drained soil.
The Golden cane palm has a slow and steady growth and is usually 3-5ft tall indoors and can even reach 8ft height. They are also known as one of the greatest air purifying plants one can imagine indoors. One only needs to repot them every 3-4 years as they can grow well in the same pot for a good amount of time.

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