Golden Cane Palm – Popular Drought Hardy Plant

The Golden Cane Palm is a beautiful palm with slender graceful yellowish stems which can grow up to 8m and the foliage nearly to the base. The plant usually prefers humidity with fresh air circulation. The Golden Cane Palm requires a uniformly moist soil and it must never me overwatered.

The Golden Cane Palm is known for its lush and bright green foliage which forms an attractive clump. For pruning, one can remove dead fronds and in lower light positions, the foliage may need to be thinned out to maintain the overall growth of the plant.

The Golden Cane Palm is known to be slow growing where it only adds about 12 inches to its height throughout the growing season. They can be grown in a row to form screens of privacy or, even grown indoors in a pot. The canopy width can reach 20 feet but even then the long narrow trunk will support the upper canopy of fronds.

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