Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have been shown to have a large positive effect on both physical and mental health. Exposure to plants has been proven to increase the diversity of the human microbiota, the variety of bacteria and fungi in our bodies, which assists the body in fighting inflammation. Another benefit of indoor plants is that they can remove some harmful chemicals from the air, reducing the resulting illnesses. Indoor plants can also dampen reflecting sounds to mitigate annoyance and possible ear damage in the long term. These health benefits have led to the popularity of indoor plant hire.

In addition to their health benefits, low light indoor plants are great for office spaces with minimal sunlight and vastly improve the aesthetic of a room. This leads to greater worker engagement and has been proven to improve job satisfaction and reduce stress levels. Most low light indoor plants are very easily maintained, requiring only correct watering and some exposure to light. These plants should be watered until water leaves the drainage holes each time they become dry.

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