Hedge Plants – Top Five Shade Loving Hedges

Hedge plants provide an affordable and eco-friendly solution to create privacy without compromising the aesthetics of your yard. Finding hedge plants which love shady locations can be tough because all hedges require at least some hours of sunlight. Definitely, there aren’t many hedge plants which likes to grow in dark shade, however there are few species which can grow with minimal light. Let’s know more about the top five shade loving hedge plants.

  •  Boxwood: Extremely flexible, this type of hedge plants can grow equally well in areas enjoying full sun to total shade. Boxwood is an evergreen hedge, dense and grows well in all kinds of soil conditions.
  •  Rhododendrons: This type of deciduous hedge plants grows well under shade. With a colourful bloom, they add style and colour to your yard.
  •  Red Twigged Dogwood: They require plenty of water but minimal sunlight and can create a lovely hedge.
  •  Yew: One of the most popular hedge plants that grow well in the shade, the Yew can reach heights of about 6″ feet.
  •  Euonymus: With large leaves and white blossoms, this type of hedge plants is best suited to create privacy in dark shady locations. This type of evergreen hedge grows as high as 8″ feet and can be pruned easily into a hedge.