Hedge Plants – Beautiful and Useful Garden Additions

Hedge plants are a very common sighting in the Australian garden. They are loved by many for their versatility, visual appeal, and surprisingly wide range of uses. Outdoor plants hire services that can provide a plethora of beautiful hedges that are sure to fit nicely with any garden or yard. As late winter and spring are the best times to grow hedge plants, now is a great time to start your brand new hedge or enlist the services of an outdoor plants hire company. They will grow quickly and easily, especially with good care.

So why do Australians love their hedges so much? They are a wonderful border to a garden or yard décor, enclosing the area of partitioning sections, perhaps for different activities. The other benefit of forming a barrier is to provide some privacy to people in the yard; hedge plants let you do this without an intrusive or unsightly wall or fence to contrast your garden. Most species of hedge can be pruned and trained into a variety of shapes to fit your garden area and desired height. Lastly, a thick hedge can form a windbreak or a sound barrier for those in noisy neighborhoods, outdoor plants hire specialists can help you decide on the best type for this purpose.

Plants used as hedge plants can be very different, but they are most often very durable and easily grown to best fill the area without forming gaps over time. Hedges can be made to look formal, with small tight leaf arrangements, or informal with loose leaves or even flowering buds. The choice is based on the style of the garden and personal preference. Some of the best hedges available from outdoor plants hire companies to include Buxus species (commonly known as ‘box’), Lilly Pilly, and Viburnum.

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