Hedge plants – Best varieties of Intruder Hedges

Hedge plants are extremely popular because they are disease resistant, can be cut to shape and respond well to trimming and pruning. There are myriad varieties of hedge plants available; however it is important to choose the right species which suits your requirements. The hedge plants not only add aesthetic value but also provide protection from intruders.

Hedge plants with vicious thorns deter intruders from coming into your garden. Some of the most popular choices of intruder hedge plants include:

  • Hawthorn which is primarily used for farm hedging has very strong thorns and a network of strong branches.
  • Pyracantha is one of the most popular hedge plants which has dangerous thorns, is evergreen, and has profuse berries and pretty fragrant flowers.
  • Red leaf Berberis has bright red leaves, is deciduous and gets flame coloured in autumn.
  • Holly is an evergreen hedge plant which is characterized with its glossy spiky edged leaves and profuse berries.

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