Hedge Plants – Selection and Cultivation

Fast growing hedge plants are always in demand since they can be easily used for Shade, Privacy, Peaceful surrounding and hiding eyesores. There are excellent options for hedge plants which can suit ant space. The hedge plants can be pruned to remain tight and kept at any desired height. Hedge plants aren’t just foliage they offer enough interest provided by berries, stems and flowers.

Hedge plants usually will cost less than the installation of a fence. They also create valuable microclimates in gardens by filtering wind and helping to shelter tender plants. Dense, mature hedges are known to reduce the impact of noise whereas healthy and neatly trimmed hedge plants will improve the kerb appeal and value.

The best time to plant hedge plants is certainly early autumn, however one can also plant them in late autumn or, winter. One can choose between evergreen or deciduous hedge plants when the soil is workable i.e. neither waterlogged or frozen.

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