Hedge Plants – Space Management for Hedges

One of the most common questions with Hedge plants is how far apart should the hedge plants be spaced. The more space you leave between hedge plants, the longer it will take for the plants to join and form a hedge. Hedge plants which are planted closer will form a hedge quicker, however it also means planting more plants. So, it all boils down to a matter of time over budget.

The general guidance with respect to space management in case of hedge plants suggest planting three hedge plants per metre. The only exception made is for Buxus sempervirens which is usually planted 20cms apart. To make the hedges extra shock proof, one can plant the hedge plants in double rows. Most pot grown hedges are also planted 33cms apart, however exceptions being made for Dwarf box and large pot grown evergreen hedge plants.

By following the 3 plants per metre rule, one can achieve a thick hedge quickly. Also the closer the hedge plants are placed, less pruning will be required to get the plants to join together and form a beautiful hedge without gaps. For more information about Hedge Plants, visit Lease a Leaf website.

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