Hedge Plants – Myriad Varieties of Evergreen Hedges

Hedge Plants fulfil several purposes in a home landscape. They define boundaries, provide privacy and divide areas of your property, with the added benefit of a colourful foliage, that you don’t get with traditional wooden fences. The hedge plants need to be maintained well for a beautiful look and hence require occasional trimming to precise sizes and shapes. Although providing security is an important function of the hedge plants, they are also used to create privacy screens or windbreaks. Lease-A-Leaf is committed to provide high quality hedge plants and screen plants like Japanese Buxus, Murraya, Viburnum and Lilly Pilly plants. With and experienced team, we offer our valued customers, quality products with value and impeccable service.
Evergreen shrubs are most popular as hedge plants because of their dense growth and persistent foliage which means that your hedge lasts throughout the year. Evergreen hedge plants can be trimmed and pruned to achieve the specific function you are looking for in your hedge. Lets know more about the various types of Evergreen hedge plants.

  •  Broadleaf Evergreen Hedge Plants are popular because they produce a thick wall of foliage ideal for hedges. Common varieties are hollies, boxwoods and azaleas. They are easy to maintain and need nothing more than an annual pruning.
  •  Narrow leaf Evergreen Hedge Plants have needle like leaves which requires regular pruning to maintain their presence as hedges. They include cedar, yew, pine and spruce. They need regular pruning to promote dense growth and to maintain an attractive shape.
  •  Formal Hedge plants need rigorous pruning to maintain sharp angles and appropriate size. Maintenance can be bit tedious but they are excellent as hedges and creates a beautiful backdrop for ornamental plants in your landscape.
  •  Informal Hedges are created with evergreen hedge plants to develop naturally with minimal pruning. Easier to grow, these hedge plants provide a natural border in your landscape. The best time to prune the informal hedges would be early spring.

Evergreen hedge plants are extremely popular because they maintain their green foliage throughout the year and serves well for both decorative and security purposes.

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