High Light Sydney Indoor Plants

All Sydney indoor plants need sunlight to live, it is the main factor in their process of ‘photosynthesis’ which is how plants produce energy to survive and grow. Some plants need less light than others while others need more. As the name would imply, when you hire high light plants, they will be plants which prefer bright conditions with ample bright natural sunlight.

Sydney indoor plants even have some visual differences based on their light levels. Those grown in lower light conditions will have larger and lighter weight leaves, while high light plants are likely to have smaller leaves. The colour also varies, when looking to hire high light plants; the leaves will usually have a yellowish hue instead of the deep, rich greens found in many low light plant varieties. These differences are because low light plants need a greater surface area and higher chlorophyll concentration (a green coloured pigment) to capture their needed sunlight for energy.

Some favourites to hire high light plants include varieties such as cacti, golden cane palms, ficus elastic, peace lilies and more. When you choose to hire high light indoor plants, they should be kept in a space where there is regular bright or direct natural sunlight. The best place to do this in a home for Sydney indoor plants is near to a north-facing window, or a west-facing window if a north one is not available. These plants need to be kept watered and fertilised for best growth.

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