Hire plants Sydney – Light Requirements for Indoor plants

Light is vital to the growth of indoor plants, however every plant species has varying light requirements. There are three important lighting factors that control the growth of hire plants Sydney.

The spectrum of light which includes the warmth and cool colours.The amount of light i.e. number of daylight hours

The level of light ranging between direct sunlight and full shadeCertain indoor plants prefer filtered sunlight like Coleus, Pelargonium, Tradescantia, begonias etc. There are other indoor plants like Croton, Cyclamen, Impatiens, and Gloxinia which prefers bright indirect sunlight. Hire plants Sydney like Caladiums, Dracaena, Maranta etc. are popular in cubicles and offices which generally prefer low light or light shade conditions. For indoor plants which are placed in corners usually prefer heavy shade like Philodendron, Peace lily, Calathea etc.