Hire plants Sydney – Gerberra Jamesonii for Indoor plant hire

The easiest way to brighten up your indoor space during the winters is with a flowering plant. With beautiful flowers in yellow, red or orange, the Gerberra jamesonii is perfect for hire plants Sydney. It can easily brighten up the dull winter days with its beautiful bloom.
This plant is also known to be extremely effective in removing harmful chemical vapours due to its high transpiration rate. Hire plants Sydney needs to be protected from midday sun as it may age the blooms prematurely.
It needs proper care and maintenance which means that the soil should be evenly moist and one needs to feed regularly during the blooming season. In case the air is too warm or dry, there are chances of spider mite infestation. Although in its natural state, Gerberra jamesonii is generally yellow, red or orange, there are commercial growers who can ensure crimson, white, salmon or cream flowers as well.