Hire plants Sydney – Identifying Healthy Houseplants

There are myriad options available when you plant for hire plants Sydney, however the challenge is to identify healthy houseplants which can keep looking their best for long. An ill plant can make life difficult for other plants in the garden and also it’s never easy to bring them back to health.

It is always recommended to deal with reputed service providers who are committed to offer healthy and high quality house plants. Also, there are few spotting signs of sickness which can help you in choosing healthy plants.

  • Firm new growth would indicate good health.
  • The house plant should be well anchored in the soil and there should be new flowers or flower buds.
  • The plant leaves chosen for hire plants Sydney must be uniform in colour and have a healthy lustre.
  • The plant should be well balanced and either grow straight or hang well.

Brown or black spongy roots would indicate signs of root rot.