Hire Plants Sydney – Beautiful foliage indoor plants

Beautiful foliage plants are best used for hire plants Sydney as their brightly coloured leaves can set the tone for any room in the house. There are many attractive tropical houseplants which can be chosen for hire plants Sydney to dress up your home. The Peacock plant is one of the most common types of Calathea which has beautiful silver and green markings on the upper leaf surface. Rex Begonia is very popular for hire plants Sydney as they are available in a wide array of colour combinations of red, purple, green, pink and white. They are primarily grown for their dazzling foliage which grows to almost 2 feet tall and wide.
The China doll has finely textured leaves which can add grace and elegance to any room making it ideal for hire plants Sydney. The Aluminium plant makes an attractive table top plant or for hanging baskets where its compact size makes it great for terrariums.