Hire plants Sydney – Excellent Foliage Plants

Foliage plants are very popular among hire plants Sydney because they are beautiful and easy to grow. Colocasia which are otherwise known as elephant ears because of their elegant and enormous range of leaf size, shape and colour are excellent hire plants Sydney. They prefer moist, warm conditions however can be grown indoors as well.

Heuchera or Coral Bells is an amazing foliage plant which is adaptable to extreme conditions as well. Host as are generally grown in containers and known for their luscious foliage. They are excellent candidates for hire plants Sydney because they come in many sizes, shapes and colours from lime green to blue green.

Coleus is extremely popular among hire plants Sydney because there are so many varieties with different leaf shapes, colours and sizes. Mixing different varieties of coleus makes a great display. Kale and Chard are excellent foliage plants which are grown in containers and very easy to grow.