Hire plants Sydney – Significance of wedding flowers

Choosing the perfect bloom for a wedding might be a question beyond aesthetics. Floral arrangements display various emotions. Before you hire plants Sydney to celebrate your special day, you need to make sure that the floral arrangements signify true love. The most popular flower used in wedding bouquets are roses which signify love, joy and beauty.

Calla lilies add a dash of elegance and splendour to your wedding and can be used to create a beautiful bouquet or centrepiece. Chrysanthemums can be easily combined with other flowers as they have no fragrance of their own and hence perfect for bridal bouquets.

For spring weddings, tulips are considered as the best choice for hire plants Sydney. They symbolise love and passion and considered as the perfect wedding backdrop. It is also important to understand that there are certain flowers which are not considered appropriate for a wedding ceremony. It is best to avoid marigold, foxglove and yellow lilies.