Hire Plants Sydney – Proper planning for planting Hedges

For a long lasting and effective hedge, one needs to have a proper plan in place. Hire plants Sydney for hedges serve a lot of purposes like improving privacy, marking property lines, line walkways and enhanced safety. The selection of hedges is important which should primarily focus on hearty, disease resistant plants that suits your garden conditions.Hire Plants Sydney for effective hedging ensures the best care and maintenance schedule. Let’s know more about the basic steps involved with hire plants Sydney in case of hedge plants.

  • Mark the planting area for the hedge, where one must consider underground utilities while plotting the line for hire plants Sydney.
  • Hire plants Sydney should have proper spacing in between to allow space for their growth.
  • The mature width of the shrub is used as a guideline for the spacing between root balls.
  • The pots are removed once the shrubs are ready to be planted. Water the plants are needed.