Hire Plants – Which are the most Popular Ferns?

Hire plants for any setting, be it your office or home, not only brightens up any space but also provides myriad other benefits. In case you are looking to hire plants which can thrive well with little care, survive low light conditions and enhance the aesthetics of any interior, then the answer is Ferns. They grow extremely well in average room temperature and low light conditions.

Hire plants offer a wide range of colour and texture with versatile varieties of ferns. Some of the most popular ferns include

  • Crocodile Fern: The bright green coloured fronds have an interesting texture and reptilian look.
  • Lemon Butter Fern: The cute green fronds with round edges is easy to grow and offers different decorating styles.
  •  Maidenhair Fern: The light green fronds of this popular fern darkens with age.
  •  Boston Fern: These long lived ferns are popular for hire plants.
  •  Stag horn Fern: This stylish houseplant offers style and colour, making it highly popular for hire plants