Indoor Plant Hire – Some of the Super Glamorous Houseplants

Indoor plant hire not only adds greenery to any space but also adds charm and glamour to any decor. Houseplants can add life and personality to any space almost effortlessly. With curvaceous leaves and skin-tight patterns, Vriesia hieroglyphica hybrid looks exotic.

The Black aralia has ruffled and slightly coarse leaves with rich textured look. This tropical shrub grows up to 12 feet and requires moderate to bright lightning. Peace lily which sports lush green leaves and luxuriant white flowers in spring looks extremely stylish and beautiful. The Ficus lyrata has large violin-shaped leaves and can reach heights up to 20 feet.

The Schefflera elegantissima has thin blackish green leaves. In case of Dracaena warneckii, the Variegated leaves forms compact patterns which resembles starbursts. Silvery green leaves of the Sanseveria are twisted, lightly mottled and bit stiff. The big leaves of the Ficus decora looks spectacular and an ideal choice for Indoor plant hire.