Indoor plant hire – Popular Species for Indoor Bonsai Plants

Most of the bonsai plants which are used for indoor plant hire require frequent watering and adequate sunlight. They can thrive well under indoor conditions, however they prefer to enjoy the same care and maintenance as applicable for outdoor bonsai plants.
It is important to expose your indoor bonsai plants to direct sunlight or, high intensity growing lamps. Let’s know which are the most commonly used bonsai plants used for indoor plant hire.

  • The Snow Rose which is also known as serissa japonica produces attractive flowers and tiny leaves. They are sensitive to changes in temperature, lighting and watering but can quickly adapt to changing conditions and rebound to health.
  • Ficus is definitely one of the most popular bonsai species used for indoor plant hire which can be grown easily. Characterised with lush green foliage, interesting roots and fast growth, Ficus benjamina is an excellent bonsai.
  • Chinese elms are the easiest bonsai plants which are grown for indoor plant hire and characterized with small leaves, woody trunks, fast growth and short nodes.