Indoor Plant Hire – Care and Maintenance

Indoor plants depend on you to meet all their basic needs by providing water, light and nutrients. The most important thing that you can do to keep your plants alive is to really get to know what kind of plant you have and what it’s going to need from you. The care and maintenance required for Indoor plant hire varies with the type of plant and the environment where it grows. Choose indoor plants that can thrive in the amount of light you have available and provide continued care to keep them healthy.

Lease-A-Leaf makes life easy because our professionally trained, uniformed technicians will visit your location regularly as part of our interior plant service – keeping your interior plants as healthy and attractive as possible. Lease-A-Leaf recommends the following simple guide which ensures that you are not neglecting your Indoor Plants.

1.  Watering: Water the plants only when it is necessary because too little watering can cause wilting while too much water can cause the roots to rot. The soil should always be kept moist but not saturated in water. Also, avoid watering the foliage and ensure proper drainage.

2.  Choice of Plants: The choice of Indoor Plant Hire should depend on the lighting and soil requirements of the plants. Lease-A-Leaf helps you in making the correct choice of plants by carefully examining the environment.

3.  Temperature: Maintain an even temperature for your plants because too much variation can cause damage to the plant.

4.  Fertilize: Fertilize indoor plants during their active growing season, which is usually spring to fall.

Prevent Pest Problems: When a houseplant gets attacked by an insect pest, the problem can quickly spread to other plants. Aphids, mite and other pests may sometimes occur indoors, but you can eradicate them with insecticidal soap treatments.

Lease-A-Leaf provides immaculate plant care services at the best prices. Kindly contact us to know more about Indoor Plant Hire.