Indoor plant hire – Houseplants to Feng Shui your home

Sydney indoor plant hire during the spring brings in a lot of fun and excitement because according to Feng shui philosophy, it symbolizes new beginnings, growth and success. Chatswood indoor plant hire recommends the use of plants with the colour green and blue along with columnar and expansive shapes which symbolizes positive energy.

The Lucky bamboo is extremely popular for Sydney indoor plant hire because it grows quickly and represents honest and upright growth along with necessary flexibility and adaptability. It can thrive well in a variety of lighting conditions, easy to find which makes it a great option for offices.

Chatswood indoor plant hire also recommends potted orchids which can bloom throughout the year and used mainly for relationship adjustments according to Feng shui. Golden Pothos are extremely forgiving and survive well under literally any condition. Golden pothos can always stay green irrespective of the care and quality of conditions provided making them a good source of positive energy.