Indoor plant hire – Plants bringing life to office desks

It can be very difficult to stay within the boundaries of cubicles throughout the day and finding the right balance between a productive and professional environment while staying healthy and stress free. There could be various things like posters, calendars, photographs, coffee mugs, but nothing can beat the importance of desk plants for North Ryde indoor plant hire.

Similarly, Macquarie park indoor plant hire recommends the use of low maintenance desk plants to relieve stress and boost productivity. Certain plants which act as beautiful desktop plants include the Jade plant, Snake plant, Cactus, Spider Plant, Golden Pothos, Lemon Balm, Bonsai and Tillandsia.

The Tillandsia or, air plants as they are fondly known as require no soil or, water and can literally grow anywhere. Macquarie park indoor plant hire recommends use of jars, trinkets, fishbowls or boxes etc. for the air plants because they can grow anywhere.