Indoor Plants – Benefits

Introduction of indoor plants to your home or workplace will always have a positive impact on the milieu. Interior landscaping plays a critical role in providing a serene and tranquil environment where one can move, work or relax. Studies have confirmed that Plants help in reducing stress and create a feeling of well-being. Presence of indoor plants ensures a healthier office, less sick leaves, more productivity and fewer mistakes due to noise distractions.

The experienced and efficient team at Lease-A-Leaf can help you in creating the most appropriate atmosphere which can transform your workplace into a tranquil, green haven. The Green Building Council of Australia awards “Green Star” points for the use of indoor plants in their assessment of the environmental friendliness of a building’s interior. A plethora of benefits are associated with Indoor plants like:

Improved Air Quality: The Indoor plants have a significant role in removing harmful Volatile Organic Compounds, thereby reducing Sick Building Syndrome and improving well-being of employees.

Improved Productivity: The image and look of the office is spruced by the incorporation of plants. A beautiful workplace ensures exponential growth and rise in productivity.

Improved Corporate Image: Beautiful foliage projects a positive corporate image in front of clients and visitors.

Comfortable working environment:  Indoor plants are instrumental in creating a dust-free environment and also assist in maintaining the humidity at a comfortable level.

The benefits associated with Indoor plants outweigh the costs involved in maintaining them. A green interior creates magic with its vibrant colours and provides a fresh, clean and healthy environment for its employees.