Indoor Plants – Fast Growing Indoor Plants for Hire

Creating inspiring interior nature spaces has never been more important. Sydney indoor plants guarantee an awe inspiring milieu with beautiful indoor plants either for your home or office Indoor plants have many proven wellness benefits on top of their aesthetic value. Lease-A-Leaf offers an impressive range of healthy indoor plants customized to suit your requirements.

There are myriad benefits associated with Sydney Indoor plants but they are mainly grown for aesthetic or decorative purposes. A very wide range of indoor plants are available to suit every taste, purpose, and level of commitment. There are many fast growing indoor plants which are not fussy and thrive easily with minimal care. As an added bonus, most fast-growing plants are sturdy and durable. Lease-A-Leaf recommends the following indoor plants for people who are looking for fast growing Indoor plants for hire.

  1. Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum is an easy to maintain, fast growing, perennial indoor plant that is good for containers. Partial sunlight or even a bright window location will suffice for its satisfactory growth.
  2. Spider Plant: Spider plant is an excellent indoor plant for places where direct sunlight is not available. It is a fast growing plant, grows well in the shade and is suitable for containers. Spider plant grows easily and with minimal care in moist soil.
  3.  Wandering Jew: Wandering Jew, or Tradescantia zebrine, is another fast-growing, perennial plant that is good for growing indoors and suitable for containers. The wandering Jew grows best in a rich soil that placed away from direct sunlight.
  4. Velvet Plant: This colourful, interesting indoor plant does best in full sunlight. The fuzzy purple leaves with a velvety appearance add to the aesthetic value.
  5. Jade Plant: Jade plant is an easy to grow succulent that is excellent as an indoor plant. The plant is best potted in a large pot as it grows extremely fast and a smaller pot is likely to tip over.

Fresh Indoor plants are always beneficial because they uplift the office morale and productivity in addition to its numerous health benefits and aesthetic value. The fast growing Sydney Indoor plants are in huge demand and Lease-A-Leaf offers myriad options customizes to suit your requirements. Contact us to get the best quote.