Lady Palm – Beautiful and Sturdy Houseplant

Lady Palm is famous as the dwarf plant which is extremely sturdy and adds a powerful décor. The Lady Palm doesn’t have one trunk, rather there are a bunch of stems which resemble a bamboo plant. The dark green and pointy leaves of the Lady Palm are 15-30cm wide and offers a stylish appearance.

The Lady palm is also known to purify the indoor air and keeps humidity levels low thereby ensuring a pleasant environment. The Lady Palm originates from China and it grows well in regions with humid mountain forests.  It never grows beyond 3m in outdoors thereby making it one of the smallest houseplants. In dense thickets the Lady palm can grow about 7 feet tall in partly shaded spots with moist soil.

In order to achieve the best growth with Lady Palm, the suckers on the outskirts must be regularly removed. The rich texture of the lady palm allows it to be a great accent plant for indoors. The texture, wide range of varieties, different style and colour makes it a great accent plant for indoor Lady Palm. For more information about hpouse indoor plants, visit Lease a Leaf Today !

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