Lease-A-Leaf – The Specialists in Temporary Plant Hire in Sydney

If you’re keen on using indoor and outdoor plants for beautifying your office, you need all the help you can get. As experts in the plant hire domain, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Given the numerous benefits that hiring plants offer, it makes sense to find a plant rental company par excellence.

Lease-A-Leaf is a leading provider of plant hire services in Sydney. We offer an assortment of indoor and outdoor plants that offer the best value for your money. In addition, our rates are quite cost effective as well. From plants that need low, medium or high light to plants that are ideal for desks, we stock a comprehensive array of plants. It’s hardly surprising that our existing client base comprises over 400 business houses ranging from small business enterprises to blue-chip companies.

By engaging us, you would gain access to a dedicated staff. These professionals are adept in helping you beautify and enliven your facilities. In addition, we provide a wide range of the latest and most stylish planters and accessories to back up our enviable stock of plants. To see the difference our plants could make to your facility, call us at 02 9486 3160.