Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Different varieties of Indoor Palm Tree

Indoor palm trees are slow-growing and stay smaller when grown in containers, making them ideal house plants. Indoor palm trees are ideal for decorating homes and offices. They create an elegant tropical feel and beautify the interior. Most types of palm trees are native to tropical regions and grow best with indirect light and moderate humidity.Lease-A-Leaf offers immaculate Macquarie park Indoor plant hire services that can help you naturally clean, freshen and beautify your environment with plants.

As an indoor palm tree you can grow an Areca Palm, Bamboo Palm, Lady Palm, Majesty Palm, Kentia Palm, Pygmy Date Palm, Sago Palm and several others. Let’s discuss some of the most common varieties of Indoor Palm trees which are suitable for low light conditions indoors and easy to care.

  • Lady Palm: The Lady palm(Rhapis excelsa) is one of the most popular and robust indoor palm trees. It will give an oriental look and create a lush tropical atmosphere into your home interior.
  • ¬†Queen Palm: The queen palm(Syagrus romanzoffiana) is a fast-growing, evergreen tree and grows well in full sun.
  • Areca Palm: The Areca Palm is a very popular indoor palm tree. It will accent your decor and bring the feel of the tropics into your home. It also adds moisture to the air and removes all environmental toxins.
  • Bamboo Palm: The Bamboo Palm is a perfect indoor palm tree that improves an indoor air quality, accents your decor and gives oriental appearance to your home.
  • Majesty Palm: This indoor palm tree has elegant feather-shaped, arching leaves and a smooth, flared grey trunk.
  • Pygmy Date Palm: The Pygmy Date palm is a fantastic indoor palm tree that makes an exotic statement in any room corner or office.

Lease-A-Leaf has been providing quality Macquarie park Indoor plant hire for 30 years. Each type of plant adds its own special touch and our decorating experience will assure proper placement for maximum effect.



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