Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Elegant Areca Palms

Areca palms are extremely attractive however short lived houseplants. Macquarie park indoor plant hire suggests growing beautiful areca palm indoors for a splendid interior. Reminiscent of bamboo culms, the areca palms have fronds which are narrow and full.

Important growing conditions for the areca palm includes bright light, soil which allows good drainage, proper watering, and use of weak liquid fertilizer. Macquarie park indoor plant hire recommends areca palms because they are relatively fast growing palms typically short lived indoors.

The elegant areca palms prefer direct sunlight and hence their best chances of survival would be near spots which can offer proper lighting. Similarly, there is a persistent need to feed the areca palms because they can easily develop yellowing leaves in the absence of magnesium and iron. Macquarie park indoor plant hire also mentions that Areca palms are vulnerable to pests like mites, scale, mealy bugs, aphids and whitefly. It is important to ensure proper care and maintenance for growing areca palms indoors.