Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Indoor cactus houseplants

There are different varieties of indoor cactus houseplants which can be offered as part of Macquarie park indoor plant hire. Trichocereus spachianus has a columnar growth where the stems become yellowish as they mature. The size of the ribs vary from one plant to another. The Cephalocereus palmeri is considered as a faster growing cactus variety which have stems with fewer ribs. In Eastern Mexico, this variety can grow in the wild attaining a height of almost 20ft, carrying numerous branches. The Cephalocereus senilis is an extremely slow growing cactus offered as part of Macquarie park indoor plant hire. The long white flowing hairs of the cactus completely covers the closely set areoles and the low ribs. The Haageocereus includes a wide variety of attractive species which are known for their coloured spines and differing on the thickness and coarseness of the spines. These species produces yellowish hair at the spines and the areoles.