Macquarie Park Indoor Plant Hire – Indoor Trees for a Leafy Elegance

There are several easy care tropical indoor trees which can be used to add a dash of leafy elegance to any space with Macquarie Park Indoor Plant Hire. The Money tree, otherwise known as Pachira aquatica is reputed to bring good luck and hence the name. Over time, the slender trunk thickens and becomes more textural.
The Weeping fig is a gorgeous indoor tree which can be used as part of Macquarie Park Indoor Plant Hire which sports bright green, teardrop shaped leaves. They prefer bright and indirect light and barely moist soil for growth.
The Ponytail Palm is one of the most easy to take care and maintain houseplant offered with Macquarie Park Indoor Plant hire which stores moisture in its bulbous base and hence can go weeks without being watered. The Madagascar Dragon tree can match any décor and offers dramatic grassy green leaves with pink or red margins. Schefflera or, the umbrella plant is a tropical shrub which can be easily trimmed to a tree shape and grows well indoors.