Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Repotting Houseplants

Repotting houseplants is an important decision and doesn’t necessarily depend on the time for which the houseplant has lived in the container. A new home is always great and the same applies for Macquarie park indoor plant hire as well. Look for the following signs to identify the best time to repot your plants.

  • Drainage problems: When you see water gushing out of the container it would mean that your houseplants need a new container. This would also indicate lack of sufficient soil for the plant’s roots.
  • Size of the container: The size of the container should be in a proper ratio to the size of the plant. Plants which looks to have overgrown would be top heavy and cause problems.
  • Need for frequent watering: When Macquarie park indoor plant hire looks to dry out quickly and there is a subsequent need for frequent watering, it would suggest the time to repot.
  • Salt rings around the base of the pot would indicate the need to change the soil which can otherwise cause damage to the roots of the plants.