Maintaining Hedge Plants

Hedge Plants aesthetically enhance the garden and is one of the ways you can add privacy and a nice personal touch to your landscaping.  Choosing Hedge Plants that suit your home like the Buxus Hedge can be difficult, but maintaining those hedge plants can be a bigger challenge. To make sure your plants are healthy and taken well care of, we’ve added a few tips for you.

Trimming & fertilising

Regular trimming using a clean set of pruners helps for the healthy growth of the hedge plants by trimming the stems providing a fresh clean and helps to prevent plant diseases. Once this is done make sure you fertilize the Hedge Plants often to ensure they are receiving the nutrition needed to continue growing healthy and water them well after fertilizing too. When pruning and fertilizing, make sure you remember that the more you prune, the more the Hedge Plants will require fertilizing.


Often watering Hedge Plants can be tricky if you’re not sure how much water they do require, especially when different plants require different amounts of watering. If you notice leaves falling, it could be a sign that your plants aren’t receiving enough water to stay healthy. One way to test this is by providing the plants with more water and noticing if the leaves have stopped falling.

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