North Ryde Indoor plant hire – Excellent Desk Plants for Workplace

There is a lot of misconception about North Ryde Indoor plant hire where many feel that there is not much difference between plants. In actual, plants are very different to each another in terms of foliage, flowers, colour, growing conditions etc. There are several plants which can bring charm and aura to your office space, however one also needs to factor in the lighting conditions available for the plant.
Because of the wide array of choice, we do have few plants which are best suited for low light office spaces.

  • Spider Plant: One of the most popular office plants for North Ryde Indoor plant hire, it doesn’t need much light to grow making it ideal for office cubicles.
  • Parlour Palm: It’s one of the smaller indoor palms which can easily grow under average room temperatures and doesn’t expect too much watering or direct sunlight.
  • Corn Plant: It can easily become the focal point of your office and being small in size, it fits in well as an excellent desk plant for your cubicle.