North Ryde Indoor plant hire – Common fungal diseases of indoor plants

North Ryde Indoor plant hire needs to be aware of the common fungal diseases of indoor plants and take preventive measures to avoid such diseases. To start with, one should always buy healthy houseplants, use clean soil when repotting and scrub the pots before reusing to kill any disease causing organism.
Fungi is considered as one of the most common causes of diseases for North Ryde Indoor plant hire. Most of these can also be attributed to overwatering as most fungi needs moisture to thrive. Some of the most common fungal problems of houseplants include Anthracnose, Root and stem rot, leaf spots, Botrytis, Powdery mildew etc.
In case of Anthracnose, the infected leaves must be picked off and destroyed. In case of root and stem rot, they become soft, turn brown, wilt and ultimately die. This condition can be avoided by correct use of watering and good drainage. Neem oil can be used to cure leaf spots which may include brown spots with yellow margins. For Botrytis, inspect houseplants daily for dead leaves and promptly remove them.