North Ryde indoor plant hire – Getting the best from potting soil

For North Ryde indoor plant hire, there is a lot of expectation from the potting soil. The potting mix is expected to nourish and support the growth of houseplants often for years at a time. However, the fact that most potting soils are peat based mixes and pH adjusted with lime. They are often enhanced with fertiliser or, water resistant crystals.

As the peat based mix decomposes quickly, hence it is not designed for long term use. North Ryde indoor plant hire recommends the following tips to get the best out of your potting soil which can improve the chances of survival of your houseplants as well. Re-pot your plant every year so that you can have healthier and more productive plants.

Improve the aeration by adding few handfuls of perlite to the potting soil. Flush the soil every month to wash out accumulated salts from the fertilisers used. North Ryde indoor plant hire also recommends one to make their own potting mix based on composted bark, peat, perlite, pumice, coconut coir etc.