North Ryde Indoor Plant Hire – Houseplants for the Bathroom

The growing conditions of the bathroom which includes low light conditions, high humidity and warmth allows tropical plants to grow well. In case your North Ryde Indoor Plant hire plants are struggling to grow, try putting them in the bathroom. Orchids can be easily grown in the bathroom because the damp and warm conditions of the bathroom suits these pretty plants.

Pothos are available in a wide variety of leaf sizes, colours and variegations. As long as they are away from direct sunlight and the potting soil isn’t dried out, North Ryde Indoor plant hire of Pothos can thrive well in a hanging basket or on a high shelf in the bathroom. The Spider plant can tolerate low light conditions like champions and thrive well in the warmth and humidity of a bathroom.

Bromeliads are bright tropical offered as part of North Ryde Indoor Plant Hire which consists of thousand different species and need plenty of moisture, filtered light and a temperate indoor climate to grow.