North Ryde indoor plant hire – Types of climbing houseplants

North Ryde indoor plant hire makes it important to make the best use of every available space which can be used for growing houseplants. The gardening areas can be both vertical and horizontal which makes climbing houseplants best suited for vertical spaces.

The climbing plants offered with North Ryde indoor plant hire are extremely versatile which offers shade over patios or pergolas and used extensively to cover wire fence and decorate bare walls. Most of such climbing houseplants can spread their foliage and flowers over a large area.

There are different types of climbing houseplants which can be offered with North Ryde indoor plant hire viz. Root Climbers, Scramblers, Twiners and Tendril Climbers. Ivy and climbing fig are examples of root climbers. The most common examples of scramblers would be Bougainvilleas and the climbing rose. Twiners support themselves with their stem which is coiled around for support.