North Sydney plant hire – Revival Tips for your Houseplants

Once you bring your houseplants from the garden centre, they would go through a transition phase and normally get acclimatized with your indoor space, however in case you are having trouble with your houseplants, try the below tips.

  •  North Sydney plant hire requires the correct light arrangements, so placing them away from a south facing window may just help.
  • When you see the plant leaves turning bright yellow or falling off, they could be suffering from irregular watering schedules. Ensure optimal watering for your houseplants.
  • Soak the houseplants to revive them such that the plant can have a good supply of water.
  • Allow the plant to drain off excess water before repositioning them.
  • Most plants prefer to be kept moist but not wet during their growing season and a slightly drier environment during their dormant season.
  • To shape your plants, prune them well.