North Sydney Plant hire – Choosing bathroom plants

Indoor house plants make a great addition to any bathroom. North Sydney plant hire helps in enhancing the aesthetics of your bathroom space thereby making it more relaxed and welcoming. When you are planning to add beautiful houseplants to your bathroom, it is important to consider the below recommendations. Choose houseplants which can grow well under low light conditions so that they can thrive well in bathrooms. For more light, you may keep the houseplants on the windowsills or hang them in front of bathroom windows. North Sydney plant hire recommends houseplants which thrive well under humid conditions for the bathroom. North Sydney plant hire also recommends misting your bathroom plants so that its clogged pores are cleaned. The bathroom space can be limited for North Sydney plant hire and hence one must place smaller houseplants on counter tops, in corners, on the toilet tank or windowsills to make the most out of limited bathroom space.