North Sydney plant hire – Choosing the best soil for plant’s growth

The choice of soil depends entirely on the type of plant grown as part of North Sydney plant hire. There are three main types of soil which includes sand, silt and clay. A rich sandy loam is considered as the best choice of soil for most plants. The loam is an even mixture of the three main types of soil, however often amended with compost.
The soil texture exhibits the drainage capabilities and nutrient quality of the soil which in turn supports and facilitates plant’s growth. In case of sandy soil, where sand is the major constituent, it doesn’t hold nutrients well.
North Sydney plant hire includes plants like Aster, Geranium, Bee Balm, Hollyhock etc. that grows well in clay soil which is generally heavy and do not drain well. Silt soil is considered as the most fertile, however it can get waterlogged easily. Houseplants like Yellow iris, Japanese iris etc. grows well in silt soil.