North Sydney plant hire – Innovative DIY plant containers

When Spring is around, it’s the best time to flaunt your houseplants with North Sydney plant hire. There are several innovative DIY planters which enhances the beauty of your plants. You can consider adding some patterns to your interior space by painting a terracotta pot with acrylic paint and adding dots using a black marker.

Mini flower planters are excellent options for North Sydney plant hire which can be painted and decorated with a little bit of creativity. Granite or marble planters can be expensive, however one can use stone tiles and caulk the sides together to create their own innovative planters which adds to the aesthetics of your patio.

North Sydney plant hire can also make use of ombre plant pots which are quite popular because of their design and finish. One can also express their creativity by hand sculpting the planters as a clay house or, other designs which are hard to find in stores.