North Sydney plant hire – Paint your interior with a splash of colour

With the perfect pick of North Sydney plant hire you can bring splashes of colour to your office and home. With tropical flower and foliage plants you can bring in purple, red and black colours effortlessly. For brightening dark spots in your office space you can choose Arisaema plants.

With coloured and patterned foliage back in demand, flame nettles or coleus can be used to create a vibrant patio space. Easy to grow these plants are easily available from dealers providing North Sydney plant hire services. To ensure longevity water your plants properly and remove buds during their blooming season.

The Parrot’s beak with its red flowers and ferny foliage makes it ideal for hanging baskets. This plant species requires more care during winter, however grows well in the summer. Arisaema is noted for its large leaves and beautiful flowers along with a delightful fragrance.