Office Plants – A Green Makeover for your Cubicle

Office plants have always been successful in improving employee morale and business productivity with their presence in office cubicles. It helps in creating a warm and comfortable working environment which creates a positive vibe.
Office plants are also important because they absorb toxins and harmful VOCs thereby ensuring a healthy office environment. There are several plant species which can thrive well under low light conditions and with minimal maintenance. So, when you are looking for the appropriate office plants for your cubicle, you should be considering the following points before your purchase.

  • The space available in your cubicle would decide the number of containers and type of plants suitable for the space.
  • There won’t be many choices available in blooming plants for office cubicles because they won’t flower for long while being indoors. Variegated foliage is generally preferred because they look beautiful and live long.
  • Choose a beautiful container which complements the office décor well.