Office Plants – Cubicle Friendly Plants

Long term plant rental is for plant hire terms of six months or longer. Lease-A-Leaf provides indoor and outdoor plants, trees, grasses, ferns and shrubs for long term hire. Office Plants are both attractive and beneficial. That’s the same reason as to why placing office plants in cubicles, a smart move. All plants need some form of light, but the bright fluorescent lights in many office buildings will supplement the indoor office plant’s need for light most adequately. There are numerous Office plants which are cubicle friendly and which can survive under challenging conditions.

Some of the common Office Plants which can thrive under low light conditions are discussed below.

  •  English Ivy: This hardy vine is often seen climbing up brick walls, trees and other structures, but it also makes an excellent indoor plant. English ivy is a good choice for an office because the plant is known to filter toxins out of the air, including formaldehyde, which is found in home and office cleaning products.
  •  Snake Plants: Mostly known because of their rich green foliage, this type of Office plants are drought tolerant which means that even if you forget to water, they will survive.
  •  Corn Plant Dracaena: This type of Office plant can tolerate periods of neglect, and comes in a wide range of shapes and colours. Tall and slender, this plant is best set on the floor of an office cubicle.
  • Chinese Evergreen: One of the most popular office plant which can survive low-light conditions and very attractive because of its broad, ovate and glossy green leaves. The Chinese evergreen is known to filter the air and thus, is a good choice for an office cubicle.

Lease-A-Leaf sets high standards for indoor and outdoor plant hire, rental, installation and maintenance. We are committed to provide Green offices which look beautiful and which provides a safe and healthy workplace.

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