Office Plants – Design and Plant Care Tips

The benefits of office plants can’t be overstated, however it is equally important to focus on their design and care. For office cubicles, it is generally recommended to focus on easy-care office plants which can survive even when you skip watering for a day or two. For cubicles with low or filtered light, one can choose snake plant, pothos or philodendrons.
One can choose jade, ferns, cacti or succulents for a sunny sill with moderate to bright light facilities. There are several office plants which reduces air pollutants and hence ideal for a workspace. This includes dracaenas, peace lilies, rubber plants etc.
Office plants shouldn’t have dry soil, nor they should sit in a saucer of water. During winters when the heaters tend to create dry, arid conditions, office plants may need little extra water. Try to best to avoid placing office plants near radiators, vents or exterior doors which may create hot or cold spots.