Office Plants – Low maintenance cubicle friendly plants

Office plants are known to improve the air quality, brighten your workday and improve concentration. The biggest challenge with office plants is their maintenance and care. During winter months, the challenge gets compounded due to the adverse weather conditions.  However, there are several office plant species which can thrive well during the winter months as well. Oxalis is one of the best office plants with beautiful deep purple leaves and a mix of white and pink flowers for the winter months. Jade plants are excellent succulents which thrive well under low light conditions.
Umbrella plants are extremely hardy and they are just happy with low light, and regular watering. Peace lilies grow well under low light conditions and need just once a week watering schedule. Bamboo can grow well under normal office lights and just need the water level up in the container. The English Ivy is an ideal office plant with pretty tendrils of leaves that can be trained in various directions.