Office Plants – Make your staff more productive

A new study suggests that one can make their office staff more productive by simply investing in office plants for the workplace. The study found that office plants were able to increase employee productivity by almost 15%. Previous studies have shown that office plants improve mood and reduce stress.
Use of office plants are reduce common ailments like sore throat, headaches and fatigue by almost 45%. The office space is always exposed to printers, whiteboard pens, photocopiers and cleaning products which emit volatile organic compounds that can cause eye irritation, headache, flu and fatigue.
Plants can improve air quality and employee health which in turn increases productivity substantially. The office plants can regulate humidity and make the office space welcoming and smell fresher. Some of the most common office plants which are extremely useful in improving employee productivity are Peace Lily, Golden Pothos, Dracaena, Spider plants, Philodendron and Lemon balm.